Model, Man, Woman, Fresh, DisputeDo you have”friendships” that are killing you? I mean, would you have Kirby Wildlife Removal that you come away from feeling like you have to downplay your achievements or talents?
Do you have friends which are overly possessive? Backstabbing? Or, are you one of those kinds of friends? In this guide, I show the top 10 behaviors which are killing your friendships — and what you can do to be a better friend and have healthy friendships.
Friendship Killer #1 – Jealousy
I don’t know how it works with guys, but girls are notoriously catty. Trust me. I grew up with a very jealous and aggressive mother who couldn’t stand for me to shine. In actuality, she’s going to be 75 years old in June, and she hates for me to be a confident, self-assured lady because she feels really threatened.
I also grew up with 4 catty sisters whose sole goal in life was to tear me (and every other) down. So I know a thing or two about jealousy.
How to Spot Jealousy in a Buddy
You know your friend is jealous when she behaves passive aggressively by always making comments (put downs) about your boyfriend, your garments, your lifestyle, etc. and you find yourself having to downplay your achievements and abilities so she won’t get angry or start being aggressive.
Jealousy destroys relationships because you can never be happy for the other person. And the very essence of friendship is support for one another.
Advice: If you are the jealous type, ask yourself why you feel less than. Build your self-esteem by doing esteemable items for yourself and others.
If your friend is the jealous one, have a serious conversation with her. Tell her you want to be supportive, but that you can’t and won’t be in a friendship that’s rife with jealousy.
By the way, I don’t speak to my mom anymore – and I will only deal with one of my sisters. Yeah. It was that awful.
With selfish friends, it is always about them. Everything must be on their own terms. If you do not go along with their program, they attempt to make you feel guilty, put you down, etc..
Advice: You may just be dealing with someone who is unaware that they are selfish. If that is the case, you want to gently tell your friend how her behavior affects you.
If you are working with a narcissist, you might choose to end the friendship, as it will remain one-sided.
Friendship Killer #3 – The Manipulator They understand your weaknesses, so that they hint about when they want you to do something, knowing that you will fall for their manipulation – hook, line and sinker.
Advice: Tell your friend nicely that you would love it if she would be direct with you.
I had a friend who always put down any other friend I wanted to hang out with because she couldn’t endure for me to be with anybody else. When I wanted to include others in activities, she vehemently opposed.
Advice: Smothering somebody –telling them they can’t have other friends — is a sign of fear of jealousy. If it’s you who’s behaving possessively, ask yourself why you are so terrified of losing your friend. When it’s your friend who’s possessive, ask her the same thing – gently of course.
Then look for therapy.
Friendship Killer #5 – The Critic
With the critic, you can’t ever win. At times you can almost win, but inevitably the critic will find something wrong with you or what you did, what you’re wearing, etc..
Being around someone who’s overly critical is catastrophic to your psyche and your self-worth.
Advice: Let go of the friendship. Individuals that are overly critical will always raise the bar just out of your reach. It’s a no-win circumstance.
The exploder consistently keeps you off balance. It’s their way of controlling you. You never know what is going to set them off. Walking on eggshells in a relationship is not healthy and inhibits the growth of both parties.
Advice: Tell your friend to seek anger management, or you’re gone.
Everybody gets a twinge of jealousy occasionally. But when it is a constant in your friendship — that’s bad. Coveting goes hand in hand with jealousy. Nonetheless, it’s a closer cousin to envy.
Your envious friend always wants what you have. The mentality is”there is not enough to go around, so I want what’s yours.”
Advice: Tell your friend you sense her envy and that it is uncomfortable. Tell her when she acts on her covetedness, you will associate with her .
Friendship Killer #8 – Disloyalty
God I hate disloyal people. Disloyal buddies are the backstabbers. Gossips. They’re the ones that you share a confidence with and then you hear about it on the 6:00 O’clock news. They are the ones that laugh at you once you fall down – instead of helping you up.
Here is the deal. I don’t think people ought to be loyal to a fault. However, you need to be loyal until your friend no longer deserves your loyalty.
Advice: Fool me once, shame on you.
Liars annoy the heck out of me. You can not trust them. Ever. And you can not have a friendship with no trust.
Advice: Confront your friend about their lies. Tell them that you can’t trust them if they’re lying to you all of the time and that trust is an important, and necessary part of the friendship.
Friendship Killer #10 – Being Too”Busy”
Relationships are not one sided. But friendships take time and energy. You have got to decide whether you really need the friendship as it requires an investment.
If your friend is always saying she’s”busy”, it just means she does not want to be friends anymore.
Advice: I’d see how often she tells me she’s too busy to hang out before I pull the plug on the friendship.
Conclusion So you wish to be certain that you’re not getting drained by the very men and women who are supposed to be uplifting to you. This advice goes for any type of relationship.

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