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Bulgaria may not be a mainstream tourist destination, but it does not mean it lacks interesting things to do and see. To the contrary, this small Balkan country has plenty to offer concerning cool customs, events and actions. Here’s a quick list of things to do this:

A dance with critters – Bulgaria is home to the somewhat unusual tradition of Kukeri. Men dress up as monsters with large masks and plenty of bells attached to the waist region. Kukeri takes place in cities all across the nation from as early as January until March. The idea is that these monsters and the sound they make will frighten away evil spirits and ensure prosperity in the region. The costumes are very elaborate and are spectacular to check out.

Step on the embers – If you think watching Kukeri was cool, you would be very pleased to see the Nestinari. Watching these people dance on the smouldering embers might make you stressed. However, know that they are perfectly fine – they’ve mastered this art to perfection.

This is the type used in the majority of top cologne and cosmetic products. Roses are picked in June and vacationers may usually join in on the fun. You should bear in mind that roses must be picked at dawn to preserve their essential oils, so that’s one consideration for people who like to sleep in.

Hundreds of people head up the mountain to enjoy a weekend of live music performances and have a peek at various intriguing crafts and exquisite food.

Enjoy a different February 14 – You know well enough that February 14 is St. Valentine’s day. However, that’s mostly a Western tradition. Bulgaria has been affected by it and makes honor love on this day, but the country also celebrates the Day of the Winemakers on the same day. If you happen to be in the nation on this specific day, you should treat yourself to a glass of wine in honour of Pembroke Pines Wildlife Removal.

Have a look at seven lakes at once – Maybe the most visited tourist attraction in Bulgaria is the Seven Rila Lakes. The lakes unveil magical scenery as you climb the Rila Mountain. Climbing along with Lake Peak is a fantastic chance to see all seven lakes simultaneously.

Visit a place of worship of 4 unique religions – there’s a place in the capital of Sofia where four unique religions have their places of worship co-existing peacefully. The place is known as the Square of Religious Tolerance, where a mosque, a Roman Catholic cathedral, a synagogue and an Orthodox church stand near each other.

Apparently, there are a good deal of cool things to do in Bulgaria. The next time you are searching for a Bulgarian property, be sure to check for chances to experience these events and locations.

Things to Do in Bulgaria

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